Tuesday, April 21, 2009

InnoSAT Antenna Rotator Replacement

ATSB GS team member recently successfully installed the InnoSAT Antenna Tower last 2 week. But today we climb up again the InnoSAT tower (6 meter!!) after several testing done by Nuril (9W2NRL) and Shahril last week. They found problem on elevation rotator. Elevation rotator can't move even a degree movement.This elevation rotator is important which usefull to elevate antennas, especially during the InnoSAT high pass over ATSB ground station. We (Mike , Nuril Shahril and Shamsul) decide to disassemble the antenna structure to bring down the unfunctional rotator and replace with new rotator which collected from Mr Sangat Singh (9M2SS @ 9M2RPN). Thanks to Mr Sangat for his kind help. We really appreciated it. This mission (disasseble>bring down rotator) takes around 1H30m. We successfully reinstalled with new rotator at 6.30pm. Summary during the mission was tabulated in picture as follow. Thanks All..

Our tomorrow mission is to installed 2 Yagi antenna (VHF and UHF) back to its position..

Short Discussion with Nuril, Shamsul and Abdul Malik Yacob.

Abdul Malik Yacob and Shahril.

Abdul Malik Yacob and Nuril on the 6m tower. Gayat!!

Shamsul : Posing!
Malik and Nuril : Oh Yeah!!

06:30 PM - InnoSAT Tower naked..


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