Friday, April 17, 2009

ATSB Ground Station Readiness

ATSB Ground Station Readiness prior to CubeSAT and InnoSAT launch. Two VHF and UHF antenna was succesfully setup by ATBS GS team ; Shahril, Mike lead by Nuril with consultation from Shamsul, on the rooftop of ATSB HQ in Shah Alam. Have a look our final preparation for launch campaign..

1) CubeSAT (back) and InnoSAT (front) antenna Tower on
rooftop of ATSB HQ.

2) Excellent futuristic tower design from Mr Izzed (our Mechanical Engineer)
and Hassan (our Technical Advisor)

3) View from lower Antenna Tower part.

4) We are ready CubeSAT and InnoSAT!!

5) 6m height is our challenge during installation phase.

6) Twin Antenna Tower ATSB GS

7) Best Of The Best..Beside dish antenna..

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  1. Mike,

    Aku rasa ko kena masukkan element2 remote sensing sket memandangkan ko pakar remote sensing.

    Mungkin boleh jelaskan pasal jenis2 awan .... boleh tarik peminat2 remote sensing ...

  2. Different post but my favorite shot is:

    Nice work!